610 Perfect Binder

This is the most state of the art Perfect Binder in the Midwest. Quality books are made day after day with the high level engineering and safety’s that this machine was built with.

437 Perfect Binder

Same high quality machine as our 610 but with more versatility. In addition to Perfect Binding our 473 can also Otabind & Swiss bind.


We offer a lot of folding capacity and up to 30” to provide our customers “one stop” shopping.


Our high speed laminator rounds out our lineup to make us a complete soft cover book binding facility.


We have 2 cutters and they are the workhorses of our Bindery. Both high speed and very accurate.


we offer inline shrinkwrapping on both our 610 & 473 Perfect Binders. This is a must for quick turn times and best quality.


At times cover stocks can crack for various reasons. Preparing Perfect Bound Book Covers using Impact creasing helps to prepare high quality perfect bound book covers.