Other Services

Graphic Finishing Services also provides a variety of other bindery services, such as Cutting, Folding, Scoring, Laminating and more.

Cutting and Folding

Cutting is the process of dividing large press sheets into separate pages and/or removing extraneous edges containing registration marks, etc. While trimming is the process of eliminating overhanging edges to bound pages, cutting is more precisely the division of pages that have been printed on the same sheet.

These pages can then be bound, folded, or simply stacked and packaged to complete the order. And, as the name suggests, Folding is an operation performed to fold a press sheets into a signature. Folding is also performed when creating brochures and in preparing letters for envelopes.

Graphic Finishing Services’ cutting and folding machines can process any size order according to your schedule.

Other Binding Services - Cutting and folding


Drilling is the act of punching holes in publications to facilitate mechanical binding or for insertion in three-ring binders or post binders. Drilling is also known as punching. Drilling is performed on a special drilling device, or a punch, depending on thickness. In late 2010 a brand new Durshelen PB .15 Auto-drill capable of 1-20 holes in a single book was added to the production line. There is no job we can’t do and speeds that can satisfy the tightest timeline.

Other Binding Services - Drilling


The D&K 3210 Laminator System is a fast, technologically advanced machine. When speed and flexibility are top priority, the System 3210 surpasses expectations. This system includes a feeder, one sided laminator, separator and jogger with flexible stock sizes from 8.5” x 11” up to 31” x 40”.

Other Binding Services - Laminating